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What's your sign (element)? ;) 

21 deviants said Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
16 deviants said Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
13 deviants said Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
13 deviants said Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Commission Features

:icondragondoodle: Commissions 2017 (OPEN)Commission Info

Open! Feel free to note me!
There will be 5 slots to start with, if and when those are full I'll close and won't open again until those five are finished. Generally, if they don't fill, I'll finish what I have and just keep opening slots as I finish. Please send me a note if you want a commission!
What I will draw:
Bullet; GreenTasteful nudity and implied sex
Bullet; GreenMild gore
Bullet; GreenAnimals
What I WON'T draw:
Bullet; RedAnything against the DA rules
Bullet; RedLoli
Bullet; RedShota
Bullet; RedAnything that I wouldn't want my children to see
I reserve the right to decline any commission I feel uncomfortable with. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
For right now I can only take Paypal, so I'll give you the pa

:iconylsachan: $19 bucks commissionI am really desperate for money, so I am offering $19 commissions for drawings in this style:
Anything you want me to draw, I will draw .. preferably your OC, but not limited to .. send me a note if interested .. payments first, drawing after .. I need about 5-6 days to finish .. You will receive the digital file only .. that's all see yas lol
Commission for: :icongerardmanslave:
  paid Bullet; Green
  progress: DONE

:iconakaszik: Illustration Commissions details - reopen Aug 2017I'm reopening in August 2017. While commissioning me, you're promised that the image would be delivered on time. To do so, I need my mum-in-law to be back from her trip to look after my children.
Meanwhile check my bookmark offer see it here
Detailed shading: characters
- full color, limited palette, grey-scale or black-white
- defocused, distant background included
- for complex, sharp background add "Detailed shading: scene sets" price
Art-work made with watercolor, color pencils or pencils would look great on a wall. Also it could be a luxury gif for a special occasion.
Digitally painted images are good for your book cover, as well as to display on electronic screens and on-line.
Black and white drawings are perfect to decorate your book inside.
Detailed shaded half or full body
- Single character half or full body 60$
- Two characters interacting half


:star: ENTRIES :star:
Melantha Meets Ash Ratigan by AaronBrawnstone

I have wanted very much to hold a contest this year, as 2017 marks the 10 year anniversary of the creation of my story, 'Flowers of Enchantment'.  :la:
October is such an important month to the story, and it's my favorite of the whole year, plus there's this gap between OC-Training rounds.... the time is right! :XD:
So... here it is~

New Worlds
OC Crossover Contest

Draw one of my characters dressed in the fashion of your world, interacting with one of your characters. 

:bulletyellow: Must be a watcher to enter. (new watchers welcome!)
:bulletyellow: Picture must depict at least one of my OCs, and at least one of yours.
:bulletyellow: If fitting them into your world means changing their species, that's cool!
:bulletyellow:  If your story is also set in the 80s.... you still have to design a new outfit for my OC (it's only fair XD)

:iconzakuro-kona: and my dear :icongerardmanslave: will be the judges.  :nod:
We'll be judging based on a number of things: effort, creativity, how well the outfits suits my OC, our amusement, etc. :XD: (we'll explain why we chose the winners)

Deadline: November 7 (Hana's birthday!)

Characters to choose from:
Flower Children by Design by Zakuro-Kona
^ any of these kids!…

PK by Zakuro-Kona
Brutal Honesty, The Empath, Telepathy, Team Mom
Lawful Good - mature, responsible, intimidating, honest, empathetic, solitary
enjoys: silence, pretty scenery, loud music
status: Lower class
style: grungy, layered
symbols: lotuses, the Moon
favorite color(s): red, black, blue
"RPG" roles: 'psychic', 'witch', 'hermit'

Mean Girls Only by Zakuro-Kona
Cloudcuckoolander, Kaleidoscope EyesFair Weather FriendShape ShifterWide-Eyed Idealist
Chatotic Good - playful, capricious, warm-hearted, curious, optimistic, creative
enjoys: being with people, games (all kinds), playing pretend
status: Lower class
style: cute and comfy, childish
symbols: sunflowers, the Sun
favorite color(s): turquoise, blue, yellow-orange
"RPG" role: 'illusionist', 'beast'

Alpha Bitch, Bratty Teenage Daughter, Inferiority Superiority Complex, Invisible Streaker, Stalker With a Crush
True Neutral - valiant, expressive, inconsiderate, charismatic, blunt, critical
enjoys: dancing, talking, parties
status: Middle class
style: fashionable, preppy
symbols:  pansies, hearts, the Sky
favorite color(s): purple, pink, bright green
"RPG" role: 'rogue', 'shadow'

The Quiet One, Hates Being Alone, Sugar and Ice Personality, Beta Bitch
Neutral Good - reserved, shy, distant, compassionate, repressive, reluctant
enjoys: being with Fiala, The Beach Boys, not having to speak
status: Lower Middle Class
style: modest, fashionable, always wears makeup
symbols:  roses, stars, the Sea
favorite color(s): blue, purple, white
"RPG" role: 'healer', 'white mage'

Ashley Ethan by Zakuro-Kona
The Cynic, Passive-Aggressive Kombat, Rebellious Spirit, Flight
Chaotic Neutral - snarky, sensitive, stubborn, creative, introspective, curious
enjoys: writing emo poetry, playing with his dog, confusing people
status: Middle class
style: boyish, gothy-punk 
symbols: clematis, Air
favorite color(s): green
"RPG" role: 'scout', 'beastmaster'

Kiro (by Captain-Savvy) by Zakuro-Kona
Super Strength, Oral Fixation (chain smoker), Casanova Wannabe, Grease Monkey
Lawful Evil - laid-back, bitter, chauvinistic, charismatic, charming, show-off, tormented
enjoys: drinking, driving, fixing things
status: Lower class
style: redneck, simple
symbols: snapdragons, Fire
favorite color(s): orange, red, brown
"RPG" role: 'barbarian', 'engineer'

Shiden by Zakuro-Kona
Aura Vision, Can't Take Criticism, The Perfectionist, Stoic Spectacles, I See Dead People
Lawful Neutral - concise, analytical, authoritative, control-freak, composed, practical
enjoys: yoga, meditation, cleaning
status: Upper middle class
style: formal, nerdy
symbols: irises, Water
favorite color(s): violet, grey, black
"RPG" role: 'monk', 'tactician'

Dinner Time by Zakuro-Kona
The Woobie, Nostalgia Filter, Time Traveler, Caring Gardener
Neutral Good - cautious, kind, demure, sincere, speculative, generous
enjoys: gardening, cooking, sewing
status: Lower class
style: simplistic, neutral-tones
symbols: daffodil, Earth
favorite color(s): yellow, green, brown
"RPG" role: 'paladin' 

Plucky GirlVoice Changeling, The Cutie, Beware The Nice Ones
Chaotic Good - sweet, conformist, observant, satirical, uncertian
enjoys: embroidering, mocking people, watching movies
status: Lower class
style: colorful, dorky, layered
symbols: daisies, the Earth
favorite color(s): yellow, lime green, pink
"RPG" role: 'sorcerer', 'illusionist'

Little Miss Perfect by Zakuro-Kona
Go-Getter Girl, I Just Want to be Badass, Delinquent
Neutral Evil - temperamental, repressive, sheltered, rebellious, aggressive, wary
enjoys: anti-establishment stuff, leather, sports 
status: Upper class
style: conservative, punk-rock
symbols: Fire
favorite color(s): blue, black
"RPG" role: 'Templar knight', 'rogue'

If you've any questions about any of them, please ask!


You may submit as many entries as you please, but can only win once.

First Place
:bulletred: Group portrait, up to 5 characters -OR- two couple paintings
:bulletred: Pixel icon
:bulletred: Custom plushie, made by GerardManSlave
:bulletred: Winner stamp, by girl-n-herhorse
Prom Royalty [OC-training, round 7] by Zakuro-Kona Hana pixel icon by Zakuro-Kona
Zuko Plushie by GerardManSlave
1st Place Stamp by girl-n-herhorse

Second Place
:bulletblue: Knees up painting of 2 characters
:bulletblue: Pixel icon
:bulletblue: Winner stamp, by girl-n-herhorse
When We Were Young by Zakuro-Kona Pixel horse!Aardrin by Zakuro-Kona
5th Anniversary Contest Stamp - Comic Ship Visual by girl-n-herhorse

Third Place
:bulletyellow: Sketch of 2 characters -OR- knees up painting of 1
:bulletyellow: Pixel icon
:bulletyellow: Winner stamp, by girl-n-herhorse
[RQ] Loki and Sigyn by Zakuro-Kona Holly pixel icon by Zakuro-Kona
3rd Place OC Takeover Valentines 2016 by girl-n-herhorse

:rose: If anyone would like to donate prizes, please let me know!! :heart:
  • Listening to: Hiss Golden Messenger
  • Reading: Gone With The Wind
  • Drinking: tea


Artist | Traditional Art
United States
:iconbokotsu: <-- original account & photography page :heart:

PC: Kyasha by PRISMkidd
Hello there DA, Zakuro here! Call me that or Raye. ^^ I'm a mostly traditional artist: a watercolor painter and illustrator of cartoons. I have way too many characters and stories in my head; I would really like to write and draw them all... if only I had enough time, motivation, and inspiration.

Character Abuse by StamPorMole stamp by alwaslgirl Original Character Addict by lycanthropeful

Zodiac Stamp 'Gemeni' by Sharkfold Chinese Zodiac: Goat by Frozen-lullaby
Sun Sign GEMINI v2 by OwletJessa555 Moon Sign Pisces v4 by OwletJessa555 Rising Sign Leo v3 by OwletJessa555
5th Anniversary Contest Stamp - Comic Ship Visual by girl-n-herhorse

How honest are you on a scale of Holly to PK? 

5 deviants said Here and there I'll lie, but they're mostly harmless... (KM, FR)
4 deviants said I only lie in humor or sarcasm (AR)
2 deviants said I have to lie to keep the ones I love from being hurt. (SY, MK)
2 deviants said I pretened that I'm happy, when I'm anything but (HK)
1 deviant said I might stretch the truth to tell a better story... (RR)
1 deviant said Honesty, always. (PK)
No deviants said I'm a total liar. (HS)
No deviants said My family wouldn't accept me if I was honest. (YF)

What I'm Working On

:iconlazypoolplz: it will never end...

updated 5 October 2017

:bulletred: life :star-half::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:

:bulletyellow: contest prizes for :iconchiibichangas: & :iconchinchongcha:
:bulletorange: Burning Lycans comic collab with dargon899 (sketching chapter 1)
:bulletorange: writing Flowers of Enchantment :star-half::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: (planning)
:bulletyellow: long overdue Miss Prince (and now the other two too) review
:bulletorange: a billion other random things

** Anyone awaiting art from me... PLEASE NOTE! **

^^; I'm really slow at getting things done ^^;
:rose::tribute: But I will get to it eventually!! :tribute::rose:


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